We travel meaningful paths with our clients.

Relationships First.

We humans have the capacity for boundless flourishing.

“When you are after innovation, strategy must blend what’s possible with what can be imagined. Domain7’s partnership with Middle Makers boosts our strategic imagination quotient.”

Shawn Neumann, CEO at Domain7

“Middle Makers helped us think creatively about our key donor relationships. The workshops have been a great mix of out-of-the-box thinking and practical application. As a result, our team has grown more confident taking creative risks.”

Christi Renaud, Director of Marketing and Development at Plant with Purpose

Our Heuristic.

Creative strategy involves making choices that lead to human flourishing amidst uncertainty.

The Middle illustratedBetween our relationships is a space. We call that space The Middle. A great relationship occurs when what happens in The Middle promotes flourishing.

Our heuristic helps your organization evaluate and continually improve the space between your key relationships.

The end result is a partnership that helps your customers, your stakeholders, and you flourish.

How We Roll.

Middle Makers has an unwavering belief in the power of your relationships to improve the world.

We bring an attitude of candor and hospitality to our clients. That mix of directness and empathy is driven by our values.

Celebrate what is worthy. Never miss an opportunity to praise what is true, beautiful, and good.

Uplift people. Every employee, partner, client, customer, and passerby is marvelous. Let them know it.

Shared learning. Bring to all relationships a commitment to growth.

Based in San Diego and globally-minded, we have a relentless focus to amplify human flourishing.

Reach out to us amplify@middlemakers.com.